We are featured in the IRISH INDEPENDENT! ☘ I was interviewed by the lovely Eleanor Flegg for an article on "PATTERN PLAY AND SYMMETRY IN YOUR HOME". 

"People with asymmetrical leanings may find all of this a little too balanced. One designer who strikes a balance between symmetry and asymmetry is Claire Alderdice, originally from Armagh and now based in Bedford. Her bespoke rugs, cushions (€90) and lampshades (€118) are based on what she describes as a "morphing rhythmical pattern".

The pattern itself is geometric but the colour changes across the piece. "It's a way of expressing colour through non-repeating pattern," says Alderdice.

"I trained as a weaver but the idea first came to me when I looked through a toy kaleidoscope in the science museum. I realised I was looking at geometric patterns that were infinite, but there was a sort of chaos to the order."

Her current collection, Peggy, is named for her grandmother and the colour palette is based on the hydrangeas from her garden.

"She grew masses of them and my mother used to dry them. The colours go from mossy green to deep magenta, but I always balance my colours by using grey as a base. It calms them down."

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"TENT LONDON (24-27 September) at Old Truman Brewery in East London is always a great place to source work by young designers in every possible discipline. Every year there is a profusion of textile designers and this year some of the best fabrics will come from Claire Alderdice, Dana Finnigan, Finnish textile designer Johanna Gullichsen, Kitty McCall and Australian brand Utopia Goods".


10 to see at the London Design Festival

7. Tent & Superbrands (24-27 Sept)

"Tent London at the Old Truman Brewery in East London is one of the most exciting LDF fairs for spotting new talent and fun design. This year don’t miss rugs by Sonya Winner and Claire Alderdice and a multitude of cool textile designers including Zoe Murphy, Kitty McCall and Dana Finnigan. Next door Superbrands will feature Ceadogan Rugs and Bolon among a host of big brands form across the globe".  

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Featuring our 'Peacock' and 'Formula' cushions.