The natural beauty that our unique planet abundantly offers sits at the heart of our designs and is an unlimited source of creative inspiration for us. However, we are all growing ever more conscious that the physical resources our planet offers are finite and we are depleting them and impacting the planet’s natural eco-systems in an unsustainable way. So we have been asking ourselves, how can we act, what steps can we take and what does taking responsibility look like for us practically? So today we are pleased to announce the conclusion of our deliberations.

We are setting ourselves the goal to become a climate positive business as soon as possible. But what does this mean? Put simply it means the first question we ask ourselves is, are we doing the right thing by the planet here? This means, challenging ourselves to ensure we source sustainability and will only work with suppliers who share our mindset and mission. We act to reduce our use of single use plastics and we seek out the most climate friendly ways to deliver products to our customers and much more. Whilst we are a small business, we believe you are never too small to make a difference.

So our first commitment is to act on the carbon emissions associated with the shipping of products from our suppliers and the delivery of orders to our wonderful customers. Therefore, from today for all new orders and at no-extra cost to our customers, we will invest in high-quality carbon offsetting projects to offset the carbon emissions of each one-way shipping activity, not just once but twice making this a carbon positive journey.

This is just the first step in a never-ending pursuit to do better for planet. We will keep you informed as we take further steps to be kinder to this miraculous, beautiful marble-like rock we all call home.