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Claire Marijewycz is a surface pattern designer, with over 15 years experience in the creative industry, founding Claire ∆lderdice Textiles in 2015.

Claire’s signature patterns and prints are inspired by rhythmical growth patterns in nature, exploring the relationship between order and chaos. From her research Claire has developed designs that playfully unite symmetry with unpredictability, featuring the humble hexagon.

Claire says: “I love how textiles have both the power and versatility to completely refresh and transform a space. With that in mind, I like to be bold but most of all, have fun! With a background in woven textiles & manufacturing I’m passionate about maintaining high quality and ethical standards across the supply chain. Our fabrics are digitally printed, giving us a lot of freedom to create complex repeats, and our rugs are wonderfully made hand tufted pieces which you can commission from existing designs or bespoke. We aim to create unique and colourful products that don't just look good but do good”.


For more information or to discuss a commission, please contact Claire Marijewycz at: hello@clairealderdice.com